Welcome to Chito-Ryu Karate and the Yoseikan of Orlando II Dojo!

In April 2009, The DNBK-ID held a Rensei Taikai in Norfolk,VA to honor Hanshi Dometrich's awarding of his Ku-Dan (9th degree). Sensei Levin represented Yoseikan of Orlando II and was privileged to meet Renshi Jean Noel Blanchette there.

In Feb 2009, we held our 3rd annual FL Winter Getaway and we were not only honored by the attendence of Hanshi and Okusan but also by the presence of Renshi Figgs of Ryusei (a long-time friend to Sensei Acampora)

The main event for for us in 2008 was our big trip to Kyoto, Japan for the DNBK's 3rd World Butoku Sai. Here are some pictures of Senseis' Acampora and Levin at the Butokuden:

It wasn't all hard training there in Kyoto - below Sensei Acampora took a moment to have a picture taken with Sensei Sakamoto, head of the Ryusei style who traveled from Kuomomoto to visit briefly with Hanshi Dometrich and Okusan while they were there.