Welcome to Chito-Ryu Karate and the Yoseikan of Orlando II Dojo!

Photos from "the old days"....

Sensei Masami Tsuruoka visited the original Yoseikan of Orlando in 1999 and taught the Winter Getaway clinic that year. It was incredible to experience the "magic" of  Tsuruoka Sensei...


Destiny Acampora was there as well, although she seemed to be having way too much fun

Also in 1999, Sensei Acampora (3rd from right) traveled to Las Vegas and participated in the "Master's clinic " and International Tournament along with Hanshi and several other senior Chito-ryu Senseis who traveled from the Hombu.

The 1998 Shochugeiko was an awesome 3 day event and Yoseikan of Orlando was well represented. Here Shihan Rott poses with his students (Sensei Acampora on the far right, Sensei Levin on the far left, with special guest instructor Inomoto Sensei from Japan.

A 1998 picture of the Acampora karateka family with Shihan Art Rott