Welcome to Chito-Ryu Karate and the Yoseikan of Orlando II Dojo!

The foundation of Chito-Ryu Karate is based on the three K's:

Kihons (basics)

Kumite (fighting)

Katas (forms)

Katas make up the core of our curriculum as they assemble good karate basics into combinations with motion, and teach fighting principles. The core list of U.S. Chito-Ryu katas are:

Shi Ho Hai

Ni Sei Shi Sho & Dai

Seisan Rohai Sho & Dai

Potsai (Bassai)








A student typically does not begin to learn these katas until they have reached green belt rank. There are simpler katas that are more basic and are used to both strengthen beginning students as well as repetitively drill the same motions more frequently then do Chito-Ryu katas. There are also auxiliary katas that are taught along side Chito-Ryu katas that, while not being a part of the formal Chito-Ryu cirriculum, we all like to do ALOT!

These include:

Ju Ni Waza & San Ju Waza

Taikyoku Ichi, Ni, & San

Kihon Kata Ichi, Ni, & San

Kihon Dosa Ichi, Ni, San, & Yon

Kihon No Empi

Zenshin Kotai

Shime No Kata

Shi Ho Wari

Seiken No Migi-Hidari